Poetry's part in the planet's survival

6 October 2015
The 2015 SCU Arts Vs Science Festival Poetry Reading. Credits: Steve Kwan SCUM, Cover image Georgie Sharpe

Poetry has a role to play in the planet’s survival. Far from being irrelevant, it can claim an engagement with the biosphere's crises.

Staff and students of SCU's Writing program presented poems enmeshed in nature at the Southern Cross University’s Science V Art Festival on 22 August, 2015.

Nature writing, or what is now known as ecocriticism, draws on the imagination and can be as fundamental as scientific research and technology to solving environmental issues.

The readings at Lismore City Hall featured writing undergraduates, Katinka Smit, Peter Booth and Josephine Mooney, followed by Kim Satchell, tutor and PhD candidate, exploring nature in all its forms.


With thanks to Steve Kwan for directing the SCU Media Club (SCUM) team and for editing the final project.