Online shops the choice for young retailers

2 October 2016
ESIX Collection found Instagram a great place to show off its wares. Credit: Alice Williams

For Arielle Borger social media has become a great platform to share her visions, ideas and products.

So much so the 25-year-old entrepreneur has decided to join the growing online fashion world. 

Borger's new hat label ESIX is now in production along with her website. 

“The idea of starting my own hat label originated when my friends and I were discussing the idea of escaping the 'rat race' and being financially free, that’s when the idea of ESIX was created.” 

She began using Instagram, a popular social media platform, to help share her ideas, plans and vibe to the online world. 

Instagram is becoming a more popular platform for advertising small-to-medium enterprises, so much so as its use as an advertising platform has expanded from six per cent to 10 percent in the last year. 

When Borger used the platform, she began to attract some interest internationally, which encouraged her to contact manufacturers and designers to help make her dream a reality. 

"i've been fortunate enough to know the co-founders of the new up-and-coming app FOUNDER, which allows you to easily source and collaborate with manufacturers, designers, models, photographers and other successful online entrepreneurs who are making a name for their brand, to help start up a business."

The ESIX Collection will focus on a range of fedoras, boaters and straw hats, and conductor/train caps. The collection will be launched by the end of November in time for the 2017 Australian summer.

Borger said she was marketing the ESIX Collection to fashion-lovers and anyone with a passion for an alternative style. 

Currently based in Melbourne, Borger and a handful of her team are working on creating a unique style suited especially for the ESIX brand, and targeting the lucrative 16-35 age segment.

The Australian 2016 Sensis Social Media report found that 79 percent of Australian 16- to 35-year-olds use social media and 31 percent of this population shops online.

Sensis reported that social media is one of the only digitial avenues where businesses can have a two-way communication with customers, giving users the opportunity to receive feedback and build a brand with a personality.

Shopping via online shops, as ESIX plans, has become very popular.

The National Australia Bank's Online Retail Sales Index shows that Australians spent more than $17.6 billion online in 2015, up nearly 6 percent since the year before. 

We may be looking at a future where all purchaces and transactions happen online, where shops and malls do not hold stock at all, and everything is bought and paid for with the click of a button. 

Although there are many new and upcoming online businesses being created around the world, The Iconic is one succesful online Australian retail brand that has gained over 500,000 Facebook fans and more than 80,000 followers on Instagram since it was founded in 2011.

The Iconic chief executive Patrick Schmidt told Business Insider Australia that they will definitely be profitable in 2017 because they are targeting a more profitable market and are using digitial technology to enhance the shopping experience for customers.  

Starting an online business can be daunting and tough, and a quarter of businesses fail within their first year.

But after positive feedback from her Instagram followers, Borger said the plan for ESIX Collection is to grow and create a solid foundation for its followers and customers. 

Borger wants to create a quality product collection for hat lovers that is also affordable, as she believes hats enable you to express your own unique style and stand out from the crowd. 

"I absolutely love the hats and I love the idea of creating something I am so passionate about for other people."