Tullara performing at the Arstate Lismore launch. Credit: Supplied.
Lismore to host a new arts festival that showcases regional talent in November.
Intuitions by Jacqueline Damon
Since 2003, Swell has gone from a grassroots event to an international festival.
Ground Earth cafe owners Dustin Bowie-Ford and Sasha Kennedy. Credit: Alyssa Evans
Ground Earth cafe combats over-consumption and waste on the Coffs Coast as alarming statistics show Australia's growing rubbish situation.
Jessica McGinty plays with her oldest daughter Lola. Credit: Rory Banwell
Parenting has always been difficult, but parenting in a world where an idyllic online world pits parents against each other is even harder.
Nick Xenophon speaking outside parliament. Credit: Diane Bell
Are the latest media law reforms a game changer or just a band aid measure for an industry in crisis?
Gotta catch 'em all. Pokémon Go players are becoming safety hazards. Credit: Alice Williams

Pokémon Go has become a global phenomenon since it was first released on early July, but is it for the better or worse?

Cassie Windows holding 'Bushy' the turtle. Credit: Image supplied, Cassie Windows (L) and Jaimee Moynihan (R) releasing 'Imbi' the turtle. Credit: Image supplied, Cassie Windows (L) and Jaimee Moynihan (R) honey-bathing rescue turtles. Credit: Image supplied, 'Bushy' the turtle. Credit: Image supplied, Moynihan (L) and Windows (R) releasing 'Imbi' the turtle. Credit: Image supplied, Windows (L) holding 'Jambo' and Moynihan (R) holding 'Imbi'. Credit: Image supplied, Credit: Image supplied. Credit: Image Supplied

On a clear, balmy Indonesian winter's night on the uninhabited island of Bangkaru in the Banyak Islands, Cassie Windows lays quietly beside a large Green Sea Turtle.

Ladyslug after winning the Queensland state final of the National Campus Band Comp. Credit: Nada van Kempen

Ladyslug have won the Queensland state final of the National Campus Band Competition and will perform at the national fin

An artists impression of the Lismore Regional Gallery. Credit: Lismore City Council., The current building for the Lismore Regional Gallery. Credit: Jessica Neal., The building that be converted to house the new Lismore Regional Gallery. Credit: Jessica Neal.

Construction work has started on the Lismore Quadrangle for the renovation of the rundown C

headspace Lismore's youth advisory group. Credit: headspace Lismore

Three young headspace volunteers are selflessly giving back to other young people in need. 

Plans for a shark barrier at Ballina's Lighthouse Beach on the NSW north coast have been abandoned. Credit: Cloe Jager

Proposed plans for an eco-friendly shark barrier to be implemented at Ballina have been scrapped, leaving the town of three shark incidents at risk.

Karina Kaloran, Suzanna Bakokoto, Matilda Cakau, Sina Albert,  Alcina Charlie intended to not only raise funds with the 'Khivan' appeal song but to make a statement of solidarity "to promote the resilience of the people”.

Just a month after Tropical Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu in March, the wheels of a youth-led creative recovery were kicking into gear, and playing a significant role in imagining and articul

Joana's father Edward was working on the island of Tanna when the cyclone hit. It took several days before he was able to make his way home to Port Vila and his wife and three children. Photo: UNICEF Pacific/Further Arts, A car is left stranded in the branches of an uprooted tree after Tropical Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu in March, 2015. Photo: Nicky K

On March 13 - a Black Friday - in the middle of the night, the central islands of Vanuatu were menaced by a wicked nightmare in the form of Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Brigette Lucas' film, Shaving Alopecia was first selected in 2014 by dLux Media for Artereal Gallery's Is This Art? event

Brigette Lucas took what was an emotionally challenging personal experience and turned it into a healing art practice.


Pressure to complete the Pacific Highway upgrade rises as recent statistics show five deaths on the Pacific Highway this August.
The Lennox Head shark barrier trial has been discontinued, leaving the community with concerns.
Overweight children are on the road to becoming obese adults and the NSW government wants to close off this pathway.
Eighty-five percent of university students are effected by mental illness according to Australian Medical Students Association.
The latest statistics from the nation's lifesaving body reveal drowning deaths are on the rise in Australia.
Why the world of online fashion retailing has caught the attention of young entrepreneur, Arielle Borger.


Director pays tribute to campaigners ahead of doco's Byron festival premiere.
SCU professor Norm Sheehan hopes his research project will promote reconciliation within the university.
Mudgee gears up for the 2016 Sculptures in the Garden, come rain or shine.


The art of reviewing offers many pleasures for the adventurous genre-crossing writer, says SCU lecturer and author Dr Moya Costello.
Humans respond to cute. But why can cuteness elicit a strange mix of care-giving and aggression?