Sexism is still a large issue in Australia, despite popular belief. Credit: Charlotte Cooper/Flickr
Women share their experiences of everyday sexism, revealing this is still a major issue within Australian culture.
SCU professor Norm Sheehan hopes his research project will promote reconciliation within the university.
The Bentley Effect. Credit: RJ Poole
Director pays tribute to campaigners ahead of doco's Byron festival premiere.
Not all waterways are patrolled under the watchful eyes of trained lifeguards. Credit: Jessica Neal
The latest statistics from the nation's lifesaving body reveal drowning deaths are on the rise in Australia.
Trial discontinued at Lennox Head beach. Credit: Nada van Kempen
The Lennox Head shark barrier trial has been discontinued, leaving the community with concerns.
The eco warriors put their skills to the test to help stop deforestation. Photo: Rise of the Eco Warriors Facebook.

For many people the idea of making a difference to the world on an environmental scale seems like a laughable concept.

Van Helten spray-painted the first mural on Lismore's Ballina St Bridge in 2011. Photo: Guido Van Helten , The entrance to Eggins Lane via Carrington Street. Photo: Samantha Carberry, Local artist Fintan Magee's street art in Eggins Lane. Photo: Samantha Carberry, Inside the Back Alley Gallery at Eggins Lane. Photo: Samantha Carberry , Guido Van Helten created the original mural at Riverside Park where Lismore artists are permitted by Council to create street art Photo: Samantha Carberry

The Northern Rivers is known for the diversity of its residents and their carefree and artistic views, so it is no surprise that Lismore has become home to a growing collection of sanctioned street

Byron's Main Beach will now be patrolled on a year-round basis. Photo: SLS NSW.

On September 9 a man was killed in a shark attack 20 metres off Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay on the NSW north coast.

Participants marching throughout SCU at the Save Our Uni rally last Friday. Photo: Kaitlin Liemandt, The Plaza was full of people who attended the NTEU Save Our Uni rally at SCU. Photo: Kaitlin Liemandt, People in the crowd show support for saving local jobs at SCU. Photo: Kaitlin Liemandt, The rally made its way through the uni and onto the office of the Vice Chancellor. Photo: Kaitlin Liemandt, Marcelle Townsend-Cross at the NTEU Rally said funding cuts affect the wider community at the NTEU rally. Photo: Kaitlin Liemandt

Southern Cross University staff and students rallied last Friday alongside members of the community to oppose more potential job cuts at SCU. 

Anita Loneragan in the edit suite live switching footage of the SCU Contemporary Music students in concert. Photo: Anita Loneragan, SCU student Reece on the dolly camera: Photo: Anita Loneragan

Digitalisation has made the film industry one of the world’s most developed and technologically sophisticated industries.

Domestic violence is a dark undercurrent in Australian society.

Photo by Lynda

The plan to build a $56 million marina in Ballina on the NSW north coast has been turned down by the town’s council.

The Samba Blisstas keep in time Barrett's snare drum. Credit: Sophie Sambrook., The Samba Blisstas rehearsing in Byron Bay. Credit: Sophie Sambrook., TaikOz performing their interpretation of traditional Japanese taiko drumming. Credit: TaikOz., The Samba Blisstas practicing at the Tuesday night class in Byron Bay. Credit: Sophie Sambrook.

Imagine a sound that can not only be heard through your ears, but also felt through your entire body, vibrating from the ground all the way up leaving you with a smile that can’t be shaken for hour

Playing at Bennetts Lane: an indication you can be considered a ‘serious’ jazz musician. Credit: Mandy Koh/Flikr

Last week’s announcement that Melbourne’s Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

Taken 23 June 1987, this photograph shows a jubiliant Freda Brown with Mikhail Gorbachev when he was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Source: Women of the Whole World, Freda Brown also met with Cuban president Fidel Castro. Source: Women of the Whole World

Much of my academic research and writing revolves around the intersection of media and labour history – analysing films made by unions, films about politics and its people.


Why the world of online fashion retailing has caught the attention of young entrepreneur, Arielle Borger.
Eighty-five percent of university students are effected by mental illness according to Australian Medical Students Association.
Plans for an eco-friendly shark barrier at Lighthouse Beach in Ballina have been scrapped, leaving the town of three shark incidents at risk.
Overweight children are on the road to becoming obese adults and the NSW government wants to close off this pathway.
Despite Australian youth lacking in volunteer involvement, authoritative bodies strive to promote benefits.
NSW's decision to ban greyhound racing from July 2017 will have detrimental consequences to the Northern Rivers.


Mudgee gears up for the 2016 Sculptures in the Garden, come rain or shine.
SCU's Ladyslug will play to Melbourne crowds after campus band comp state final win.
Construction has started for the relocation of Lismore Regional Gallery into C-Block, in what will be a new arts precinct in the town's CBD.


The art of reviewing offers many pleasures for the adventurous genre-crossing writer, says SCU lecturer and author Dr Moya Costello.
Humans respond to cute. But why can cuteness elicit a strange mix of care-giving and aggression?