Sexism is still a large issue in Australia, despite popular belief. Credit: Charlotte Cooper/Flickr
Women share their experiences of everyday sexism, revealing this is still a major issue within Australian culture.
SCU professor Norm Sheehan hopes his research project will promote reconciliation within the university.
The Bentley Effect. Credit: RJ Poole
Director pays tribute to campaigners ahead of doco's Byron festival premiere.
Not all waterways are patrolled under the watchful eyes of trained lifeguards. Credit: Jessica Neal
The latest statistics from the nation's lifesaving body reveal drowning deaths are on the rise in Australia.
Trial discontinued at Lennox Head beach. Credit: Nada van Kempen
The Lennox Head shark barrier trial has been discontinued, leaving the community with concerns.
Photo: Dick Marks, Australian Koala Foundation

Koala conservationists have again expressed grave concerns for a nationally significant koala colony following the approval of the next section of the Pacific highway upgrade.

People Power: Dallas James fights for his environment at Gigs Not Rigs event after the Bentley Blockade. Image: Ingrid Pullen

Auburn pink flushed the sun-setting sky, as tall winter trees added a darkly ominous atmosphere to the spacious beauty of the land.

The Painted Ladies. Credit: Dane Beesley.

This year's Brisbane Festival will see the world premiere of The Painted Ladies reworking of Vic Simm's The Loner, an Australian black protest album made in 1973 that has a very interesting story b

Burn the Man

Despite the rain, Southern Cross University Fire Club's annual Burn the Man festival fired up on August 17 with a day of family fun activities, live music and stalls.&nb

Sulphuric Acid and Photographic Film - a mix made in heaven. Photo: Grayson Cooke.

Imagine a photo from your childhood, a treasured memory, a moment in time. It is fraying at the edges, fragile with age, but safely preserved in a photo album.

Don’t you just want to hug him to death? Photo: Antoinette vd Rieth/Flikr/CC

Humans respond to cute. Show us just about any little critter with a big round head and a pair of large, blinking-in-the-headlights eyes and cooing will ensue.

Allison Baden-Clay's husband Gerard reported her missing. He was later convicted of her murder. Photo: Qld Police

Did the grim story of dapper real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay’s

Lloyd Cole of Commotions fame rocks in a professorially manner. Photo: M.M.Minderhould

Lloyd Cole declares himself a 1980’s pop star although his music has never run-of-the-mill eighties pop.

Last year's festival crowd. Credit: MCG

This Sunday, September 7, the Mullumbimby Community Gardens (MCG) will hold the Living Community Festival.

 The Sunflower Panel was the focus of Dr Barry Hill's (left) presentation Photo: Dr Barry Hill., Music students and SCU technicians with Dr Barry Hill (in SCU t-shirt), who calls the Sunflower panelling as a 'solar-powered sound system.' Photo: Dr Barry Hill , A slide in Associate Professor Stephens presentation of the emergence of incubators in the 18th Century, used as an exhibition prior to hospital use. Photo: Elizabeth Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens with artist Clemente Susini’s Anatomical Venus. Anatomical art was a focus point of Stephens' presentation ‘Arts vs Science: A Call for Collaboration.' Photo: Samantha Carberry., Grayson Cooke (left) monitoring the effects of chemical reaction to photographic images. Photo: Southern Cross University

Contemporary society tends to class the arts as a different field to science; where art is seen as emotional and science as factual.


Why the world of online fashion retailing has caught the attention of young entrepreneur, Arielle Borger.
Eighty-five percent of university students are effected by mental illness according to Australian Medical Students Association.
Plans for an eco-friendly shark barrier at Lighthouse Beach in Ballina have been scrapped, leaving the town of three shark incidents at risk.
Overweight children are on the road to becoming obese adults and the NSW government wants to close off this pathway.
Despite Australian youth lacking in volunteer involvement, authoritative bodies strive to promote benefits.
NSW's decision to ban greyhound racing from July 2017 will have detrimental consequences to the Northern Rivers.


Mudgee gears up for the 2016 Sculptures in the Garden, come rain or shine.
SCU's Ladyslug will play to Melbourne crowds after campus band comp state final win.
Construction has started for the relocation of Lismore Regional Gallery into C-Block, in what will be a new arts precinct in the town's CBD.


The art of reviewing offers many pleasures for the adventurous genre-crossing writer, says SCU lecturer and author Dr Moya Costello.
Humans respond to cute. But why can cuteness elicit a strange mix of care-giving and aggression?